espire Healthcare

Uncover yourself when a smile is needed the most

a women working in healthcare wearing the embrace mask
“The espire mask allows me to have a more humanitarian and emotional contact especially with children because the opposite can read my facial expressions better.”
Juliet Katzenstein
Registered Nurse in Berlin
“With the espire mask i feel safer, less alienated and – due to improved communication with the patient – im better at my job.”
Eva Christ
Paramedic in Kiel
“I work in an audiology clinic and many patients lip read. This mask appears ideal not only for our patients but for all medical clinic uses.”
Maria Seidler
Speech Therapist in Berlin

Our Concept

A new generation of
full face masks

a women working in healthcare wearing the embrace mask

Add-Ons and Vision

Individual components for
individual needs

We adapt to your needs

Personal safety equipment needs to adapt to individual needs in healthcare settings. espire is created as a modular architecture with a series of attachable extensions to ensure an optimized use in daily workflows and patient care. In a series of upcoming add-ons, espire will extend its usage range and create new opportunites in adjasoned use areas. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on release dates and other announcements.

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