espire Industry

Communicate fast and precise when you need to rely on personal safety

a women wearing the embrace mask in a laboratory
Portrait of industrial technican, Peter Gehr waering embrace fullface mask
“The light and sleek design of espire enables me to feel safe & comfortable while working effectively at the same time.”
Peter Gehr
Industrial Technician in Hannover
Portrait of craftsman Sven Behrend waering embrace fullface mask
“When working in noisy and hazardous environments, I need to rely on fast and precise communication with my colleagues – espire enables me to work safer and faster.”
Sven Behrend
Craftsman in Berlin
Car painter Steven Kerber waering embrace fullface mask while car painting
“In my daily work, I am exposed to toxic particles several times a day. The innovative espire system allows me to work safely and without interference.”
Steven Kerber
Car Painter in Hannover

Our Concept

A new generation of
full face masks

embrace full face mask with highlighted filter
embrace full face mask with highlighted mouth shield
embrace full face mask with highlighted viewing shield
embrace full face mask with highlighted rubber strap
embrace full face mask with highlighted filter add ons
Portrait of a carpenter in his workshop

Add-Ons and Vision

Individual components for
individual needs

We adapt to your needs

Personal safety equipment needs to adapt to individual needs in healthcare settings. espire is created as a modular architecture with a series of attachable extensions to ensure an optimized use in daily workflows and patient care. In a series of upcoming add-ons, espire will extend its usage range and create new opportunites in adjasoned use areas. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on release dates and other announcements.